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2022 One Planet Student Challenge Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2022 One Planet Student Challenge. We celebrated together on Thursday June 9th. This is also where we showcased the winners and runner ups across categories – those videos and art works are below.

We also celebrated the work of our One Planet Saanich community and heard from the Honourable Elizabeth May (MP), Mayor Lisa Helps and Mayor Fred Haynes. Watch the recording here

The Challenge was organised by OneEarth as part of the One Planet Saanich initiative, in collaboration with the District of Saanich. Funding has been provided by the  District of SaanichVancity Credit Union and the City of Victoria. Door prizes were sponsored by Power to Be, Supply Victoria, Alset Tours, Creatively United, the District of Saanich (Tool Library memberships) and Mayor Haynes.

With thanks also to our judges:

  • Bryce Gilroy-Scott, Sustainability Consultant and Lecturer University of Wales
  • Carinna Kenigsberg, Director of Programs and Impact, Power To Be
  • Frances Litman, Founder, Creatively United for the Planet and Multimedia Specialist
  • Fred Haynes, Mayor, District of Saanich
  • Laura Berndt, Manager, Energy & Climate Action, City of Victoria
  • Michele Sealey, Writer, Social Media Manager, and Community Engager,  Amazing Places Podcast Series 
  • Ted Sheldon, former Senior Community Climate Action and Clean Energy Advisor, BC Government
  • Zac DeVries, Councillor, District of Saanich

With support from OneEarth team members: Alice Henry, Lauren Thu, Edna Catumbela, Cora Hallsworth and Dagmar Timmer.

2022 Challenge Sponsors 

This challenge is being hosted by OneEarth as part of the One Planet Saanich initiative, in collaboration with the District of Saanich. Funding has been provided by the District of Saanich, Vancity Credit Union and the City of Victoria.

2022 contest Winners

The Challenge

Grade 6-12 students in Greater Victoria are invited to submit their video or illustration to answer: How can we bring One Planet Living ideas into our communities and personal lives? Read the One Planet Living Primer for more background and inspiration for your submission.

Middle School

Runner Up: Illustration
Abbey Hancock, 13
One Planet Principles: Zero Waste
Elevator Pitch
Reduce the amount of plastic you’re using. Every plastic you recycle is one that doesn’t end up in the ocean. Participate in a beach clean up. Be conscious of your seafood consumption. Use reusable water bottles and bags try not to use balloons because they will most likely end up in the ocean.

Winner: Illustration
Nikky Anstey, 11
One Planet Principles: Local and sustainable foods, Health and happiness, Land and nature, Culture and community, Travel and transport, Sustainable water
Elevator Pitch
I have made a playdough picture of my middle school. The gorge is on the bottom, then the bike path and road. Then the school and the field, where me and my friends play. The basketball court, and the forest. On the top is the sky, where the sun and the clouds are and the birds are flying. I have also incorporated a little bit of the firsts people’s art in the sky and grass.

Runner Up: Video
Ben Hindley, 14
One Planet Principles: Land and nature
Elevator Pitch
You can protect the land and benefit the bees by instead of getting a fence, plant a few trees that way bees can collect pollen and you can cover your house. You can restore the land by whenever you take down a tree you can plant flowers or a bigger or smaller tree. In these two ways you are not only benefiting the bees and their future but also yourself.

Winner: Video 
Malachi Pierce, 12
One Planet Principles: Zero Waste
Elevator Pitch
My idea contributes to zero waste by demonstrating how waste can be reused through a fun example of turning waste into something useful and easy – study flash cards! Zero Waste is about eliminating waste which means we must go beyond recycling and instead be creative about continuous reuse.

High School

Runner Up: Illustration

Rekha Brackley, 15
Heather Doheny, 14
Alegra Martínez, 14
Devon Radley, 14

One Planet Principles: Zero Waste

Elevator Pitch
Our project is about how to shop environmentally friendly at the grocery store. Including how to check labels to find the most sustainable products, how to shop locally and reminders to bring reusable bags, jars etc.

Our project relates to the One Planet Living principle, Local and Sustainable Food. It relates
because it is about how to buy food in a way that is better for the environment.

Winner: Illustration
Ava Bate, 16
One Planet Principles: Local and sustainable foods, health and happiness, land and nature, travel and transport, materials and products, sustainable water, and zero waste.
Elevator Pitch
Over the past four years at Reynolds Secondary, I have thought a lot about how I, as an individual, can be of service to the environment and the community. With the help of my family, I have added these 4 habits into my life. They are simple green habits that many people can practice in their life. My poster is a creative way of sharing these green ideas which promote a healthy, resilient planet.

Runner Up: Video 
India Furtado, 15
Nancy Liu, 18
One Planet Principles: Health and happiness, Culture and community, Local and sustainable food
Elevator Pitch
To attain the goal of one planet living, it is essential to rethink. We interviewed the community to see how people were contributed to a greener future. Whether that be being conscious of plastic usage or growing sustainable, organic produce. Our group linked healthy micro-organism rich soil with levels of natural dopamine, which gives the feeling of happiness.

Winner: Video 
Matthias Spalteholz, 15
One Planet Principles: Health and happiness, Land and nature, Sustainable water
Elevator Pitch
I organized a beach cleanup to remove some abandoned docks that had washed up on a local beach. I first noticed these docks when we were camping at the nearby campground a year ago and was concerned about the polystyrene filled tires used for floatation under the docks that were falling apart and polluting the beach and surrounding area with microplastics.

Over the past year, I investigated who has ownership of these docks with no success, so I contacted
local government, beach cleanup organizations, neighbors, and landfills to determine how it could be disposed of. I contacted a local business – Arbutus RV – to sponsor the project, and on May 14, sixteen volunteers came together to cut up the docks, carry the pieces 500m to the parking lot, load them into a U-Haul trailer, disposed of 1750lbs of old tires, and reused about 1000lbs of lumber! I named the video “Change that can be seen from space” because I could see the debris from satellite photos.

Choice Award Winners

Saanich Choice Award 

Hayley Wiebe, 16
Mahum Ahmed, 16
Isabella Castillo-Empey, 16
Brody Bell, 16
One Planet Principles: Sustainable water, Local and sustainable food, Travel and transport, Materials and products, Zero waste
Elevator Pitch
As teenagers, we always learn about the same old things we need to do to help protect the environment. However, a lot of us are already doing those things, so we wanted to explore more ways we could help within our means.

Victoria Choice Award 

Sarah Gayleard, 14
One Planet Principles: Equity and local economy, Materials and products, Zero waste
Elevator Pitch
My One Planet Living video idea video was about shopping sustainability and reusing, reducing, recycling. The video demonstrates a couple of old toys being donated and given a new life.

Honourable Mentions

High School: Video Finalist

Andrew McCloskey, 17
One Planet Principles: Culture and community, Travel and transport
Elevator Pitch
My video details easy alternative methods for transportation, while also urging people to band together and get more involved in solving these issues. If everyone tries to solve the climate crisis by themselves, change is still too far away for our reach. But if we all come together and remind each other about the problems and the solutions, we can provide real change where nobody can simply forget and move on with their day.

Saanich Choice Award: Finalist

Liam Madsen, 14
One Planet Principles: Health and happiness, Land and nature, Zero carbon
Elevator Pitch
I’m supporting land and nature by having bees. I’m supporting health and happiness by becoming someone that people can rely on. I’m supporting zero carbon by walking a lot and having an electric vehicle. The bees help the land prosper, the electric vehicle and walking reduces my carbon footprint, and my support in my community makes it a slightly better place to live.

Victoria Choice Award: Finalist

Finn Skinner, 15
One Planet Principles: Local and sustainable food
Elevator Pitch
Our video surrounds the One Planet idea of sustainable and local foods – the ways they are procured, where they can be purchased, and their benefits in our society. In our video, we showcased the benefits of shopping at local food markets. We went to Moss Street Market, a local farmer’s market, to interview the staff of various stands.

Prizes & Awards

Prize Winners: $150

Four prize winners, one for each submission bucket (video and illustration) and for each age grouping (middle and secondary school), will receive $150 for their creative solutions!

Runner ups: $75

Four runner-ups, one for each submission bucket (video and illustration) and for age grouping (middle and secondary school), will receive $75 for their creative ideas!

In addition:

The District of Saanich will choose one submission from a Saanich-based school to receive a $75 Saanich Choice Award

The City of Victoria will choose one submission from a Victoria-based school to receive a $75 Victoria Choice Award

We are grateful to live, work, and be in relation with people from across many traditional and unceded territories, covering all regions of British Columbia.